Bernard Bragg’s interests spanned the majority of visual and expressive arts. While his writings have been published and his performances viewed and televised, his drawings and paintings remained private. For Bragg, art was a personal connection: not only to himself, but to his father.

As a child, Bragg’s father painted numerous pictures. The amateur artist inspired his son to emulate him as much as possible, just as he instilled in the young Bernard a love of theater. While Bragg’s talent on stage led to a professional career as an actor, he realized as he became older that his drawing and painting skills were not meant to become a public endeavor.

Throughout childhood and into adulthood, Bragg drew sketches and pictures, like the sketch of his students during his teaching days at the California School for the Deaf. Over time, his interest in art expanded, and he experimented with painting. Like all artists, some of his work never made it past the doodling stage, while other completed works remained in his private collection.

TheĀ  artwork on this page are examples of Bragg’s work as an artist, an enduring hobby that he continues to this day.

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