Accolades to and for Bernard Bragg

Bards on Bragg: Poetic Tributes

Bernard Bragg is not alone in any of the areas in which he has dabbled or excelled; there are other outstanding thespians, artists, writers, and poets, who are well-known in their own right. Bragg has met and maintained friendships with many people, deaf and hearing, many of whom have achieved excellence in their own careers.

Throughout the years, Bragg has received many honors and awards. But as a writer and artist at heart, Bragg treasures most the poetic homages he has received from friends, colleagues, and peers. On this page are poems honoring Bragg, written by classmates, intimate friends, and his mentor, Dr. Robert Panara.

Interview with Marcel Marceau

In 1977 in Wisconsin, Vicky Herman helped produce a half-hour documentary on deafness and deaf people in Wisconsin. “Silent Minority” aired in Madison that summer. Following this successful production, Herman explored the possibility of producing a documentary about the National Theater of the Deaf (NTD).

Although the show was never completed nor aired, Herman’s preliminary research led her to Bernard Bragg, one of the co-founders of NTD. As she began to learn about Bragg’s life and his involvement with NTD, Marcel Marceau was again in the United States, performing nationwide. One of his shows was in Madison, where Herman was based. On February 14, 1978, she interviewed Marceau. Their conversation focused on Bernard Bragg.

This interview was never published or aired in any format; the wording, language, and comments are verbatim as transcribed by Herman, with later editing by Michael Schwartz.

Honors and Awards

Over the years, schools, organizations, and institutions have recognized Bragg’s artistic contributions to theater and the arts. The majority are from groups and places that are cherished by Bragg. He appreciated these acknowledgments and graciously accepted them, but continued to believe that his real award was the ability to educate and entertain people, both deaf and hearing.

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