Bernard Bragg: A Tribute

Bernard, my friend, if I could but tell
A little about you, it would just be
Too much…

For one, you never spoke a word
And yet the things you meant
Came through – as clearly as polished
Glass, albeit with class.
But more than that, the things you’ve done,
All by yourself, and for us all,
Were never done before.

Certainly, never ever in the sense
That you chose, alone, and in the face
Of improbability- or perhaps, impropriety-
To boldly lift yourself onto a stage
And wherewith those same hands of gold
Proclaim to both eyes and ears of the world:
Look, I can, why not, we can!

Indeed, we have, and because of you
The path you took became a road
Lined with so many more means-
Even newer and bolder dreams-
Along the way.
Oh yes, and if I may
Reiterate that it’s you who were the first.

The first to use the air-
Around us, and not just in us-
To serve notice that silence
Has a place among sounds,
That mime, more or less, exists in every
One of us, and that there really is a god
Who is irrevocably deaf.

And so, my friend, as I sometimes wonder
Why curtains – when pushed away
From windows permitting us to see outside
From inside – cannot they enable us
To see what’s inside from the outside?
Of course, and it’s that the world’s a stage
Whereon you wrote yourself a page!

– Taras B. Denis

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