An angel of a man, spreading his kind wings,
Welcoming, protecting, supporting, guiding me,
My nervous entry into an alien world made joyful,
Such is Bernard Bragg.

An inspiring genius, generous with his love,
Instructing, challenging, encouraging, elevating me,
So I took flight with my imagination and creativity,
Such is Bernard Bragg.

A beacon of humanity, colorful in his zest for life,
Entertaining, educating, energizing, engaging me,
Thus did my eyes and heart open to my deaf essence,
Such is Bernard Bragg.

Marceau, Chaplin, the great silent mimes of the past,
Springing from a common fountain nourished by silence,
A shared wellspring of painting in the air,
Such is the bond between Bernard Bragg and I.

Life is full of drama, the world is a stage,
We are players with heart, mind and soul,
All energized by the vision of the Shakespeare of the Deaf,
Such is Bernard Bragg.

I’m in touch with my loving feelings for such a man,
Because he is in touch with his loving feelings for humankind.

-Michael Schwartz

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