1957-67 Mime, One-Man Concerts, United States & Europe

1966 Moments Preserved, NAD Convention, San Francisco, CA

1967-68, 1968-69 Tyger! Tyger! and Other Burnings, National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD)

1967-68, 1968-69 Gianni Schicchi, NTD

1968-69 The Critic, NTD

1968-69 Blueprints, NTD

1969-70 Songs From Milkwood, NTD

1969-70 Sganarelle, NTD

1970-71 Woyzeck, NTD

1971-72 My Third Eye, NTD

1972-73 Gilgamesh, NTD

1973 Promethus Bound, Moscow, U.S.S.R.

1974-75 The Dybbuk, NTD

1974-75 Priscilla, Princess of Power, NTD

1975-76 Parade, NTD

1975 Sign Me Alice, Chicago Theater of the Deaf, Chicago, IL

1976-77 Four Saints in Three Acts, NTD

1978 The Merchant Gentleman, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

1981 The White Hawk, Annenberg Theatre Center, Philadelphia, PA

1983 Guest Artist, Second City Theatre, Chicago, IL

1983 The Disabled Genius, Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL

1987 The Misanthrope, Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.

1995 Sleuth, Deaf West Theatre, North Hollywood, CA

1996 A Christmas Carol, Deaf West Theatre, North Hollywood, CA

1996 One-Man Show, Japan (11 cities)1997 Sweet Nothing in my Ear, The Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

1997 One-Man Show, Germany, Austria (6 cities)

2006 “A Tribute to ASL and Deaf Culture”, Palm Desert, CA

2007 One-Man Show, Theatre in the Sky, United States (14 cities)

Movies and Television

1958-61 “The Quiet Man”, KQED, San Francisco, CA

1959 Guest appearance, “Expressions”, KPIX

1960 Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, KQED, San Francisco, CA

1961-64 “What’s New?” NET (PBS)

1962 “Now You See”, BBC, London, England

1962 Shakespeare’s Hamlet, KQED, San Francisco, CA

1966 “Now See This”, KCTA, Minneapolis, MN

1967 “NBC Experiment in Television”, NBC

1972 Guest interview, “The David Frost Show”, CBS

1972 Guest interview II, “The David Frost Show”, CBS

1973 My Third Eye, PBS

1973 A Child’s Christmas in Wales, CBS

1979 Actor/Technical Advisor “And Your Name is Jonah”, CBS

1981 “Can Anyone Hear Me?”, PBS

1987 Guest appearance, “CBS News Sunday Morning”, CBS

2007 “Wrong Game”, MGW Productions


1981 “Caption Marvelous” WGBH, Boston

1981 “A Handful of Stories”, Video/Book by Roz Rosen and Bernard Bragg, Gallaudet University Press

1985 “Deaf Mosaic” (Episode #103)

1987 “Twice-told Stories”, Gallaudet University

1987 “Deaf Mosaic” (Episode #303)

1987 “Deaf Mosaic” (Episode #304)

1993 “An Interview with Bernard Bragg: The Man Behind the Mask”, Dawn Sign Press

2004 “Two Worlds Apart”, Communication Service for the Deaf


1977 International tour, United States Information Agency (36 cities in 25 countries)

1996 “An Evening with Bernard Bragg,” Japan (11 cities)

1997 “An Evening with Bernard Bragg,” Germany/Austria (6 cities)

2007 “Theater in the Sky,” United States (14 performances in 13 cities)

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