Bragg Honored with Breakthrough Awards Gala

Marlee Matlin was Chair of the first “Break Through Awards Gala” hosted by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). The event took place at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in California on March 13th. The Gala was sponsored by Google and Comcast NBC Universal. Henry & Stacey Winkler were co-chairs.

Dr. Bragg was among six recipients of the first ‘Breakthrough’ Awards. The NAD describes “Bernard Bragg, world renowned deaf theater artist and co-founder of the National Theater of the Deaf, for all that he has done in his own performances and also to develop and bring to the world highly trained deaf actors. David Kurs, director of the Deaf West Theater, presented him with the Legacy Breakthrough Award.”

“Until Bernard, the deaf community did not have a face,” DJ Kurs said.


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Bernard Bragg Selected by Gallaudet as a “Visionary Leader”


Bernard Bragg was selected as one of 15 visionary leaders highlighted over 15-month long celebration of 150 years of visionary leadership by Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.



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Bernard Bragg

Bernard Bragg – honoree at SF State’s 2013 Alumni Hall of Fame

Deaf theatre artist Bernard Bragg is credited as one of the first people to popularize mime in the U.S. As the deaf son of deaf parents, he spent his youth working to communicate with others and developed an interest in theatre. Bragg studied theatre at Gallaudet University and spent 15 years as a teacher at California School for the Deaf in Berkeley. During that time, he earned a master’s in special education at SF State and graduated in 1959. After studying under French mime artist Marcel Marceau in Paris, Bragg returned to the U.S. and became a prominent mime artist, performing across the country and starring in his own television show, “The Quiet Man,” on KQED. He later co-founded the National Theatre of the Deaf, whose national and international tours have helped change public perceptions of people who are deaf. Bragg’s international influence as an artist, director and playwright includes working with deaf theatre companies in Russia, Germany and Hong Kong, and lecturing across the world as part of a tour with the International Theatre Institute of the U.S. Bragg is the recipient of a Special Tony Award, an honorary doctorate from Gallaudet University and a special Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Federation of the Deaf.

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December 23, 2011

Bernard Bragg
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Dear Bernard,

I wanted to take this time to wish you happy holidays and thank you so much for all that you have done for the NAD and for the international Deaf community, lncluded in this package are several DVD copies of “The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and its Optional Protocol” translated into International Sign by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). As you will recall, this was made possible with your generous support.

These DVDs arrived in our office just before the WFD conference in South Africa last July, and I did not have an opportunity to send these DVDS to you until now, so please accept my apologies.

Your work, your integrity, your vision, your talents, your passion, your generosity, and the very essence of you truly contribute greatly to the world on many levels, lt is your commitment and dedication that drives enormous changes throughout the deaf community everywhere on the globe.

We look forward to your performance on behalf of the NAD in February at Gallaudet!

Happy Holidays from the NAD!


Howard A. Rosenblum
Chief Executive Officer
National Association of the Deaf


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Bernard Bragg Rocks Fremont, CA Audience In “My World Stage”

FREMONT, CA – October 25, 2011 – The Klopping Theatre at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, CA was packed to capacity on September 23rd with nearly 400 people watching Bernard Bragg’s performance in “My World Stage.”

In this one-man show, currently touring the country, renowned deaf actor Bernard Bragg shares with the audience a timeline of his acting career starting with the huge opportunity to study under international renowned mime Marcel Marceau in France.

Bragg regaled us with tales of artistic history and milestones including the founding of the National Theatre for the Deaf (NTD), teaching theatre, acting, directing, and producing plays.  He shared memorable and hysterical memories of his acting career – poignant moments to bloopers and amazing challenges that arose behind the scenes, and how he had to be creative in dealing with these situations with each performance coming across as seamless.  The tales of what actually went on behind the scenes left the audience laughing in their seats.

Bernard Bragg

Dr. Genie Gertz, Dean of the Deaf Studies Division at Ohlone College says “Bernard Bragg is a truly a legendary theatrical figure and there is no equal match. It was a true inspiration having Bernard entertain us with stories that were deeply laden with Deaf History not to be found in books!”

Pamela Snedigar, Director of the Gallaudet University Regional Center at Ohlone College said “Watching a legend perform is truly inspiring; he brings to life the richness of Deaf Visual Theatre.  What we witnessed has inspired our community to revitalize our own talents and add to Bernard Bragg’s legacy.”

Cheryl Boyd, Outreach Specialist at California School of the Deaf (CSD) adds “It was so fascinating to see Bernard Bragg sharing what happened ‘behind the scenes’ with some performers that he worked with.  The stories of interactions that he shared still have relevance today as we see the same things happening in the Deaf Community.”

The “My World Stage” performance allowed the audience to feel like they were traveling the world with Bragg, sharing his passion and skills in visual theatre.  His performance ended with an enthusiastic standing ovation from the audience.  Bernard Bragg’s legacy in visual theatre is proof that visual theatre breaks all barriers.

The performance was sponsored by the California School of the Deaf (CSD) Outreach, the Deaf Studies Division at Ohlone College, and the Gallaudet University Regional Center (GURC) at Ohlone College.  Proceeds went to California School of the Deaf (CSD) Outreach, and the Deaf Studies Division at Ohlone College.

Bragg, who currently resides in Hollywood, CA, remains active at 83.  In addition to acting and directing, he is a writer, artist, goodwill ambassador, filmmaker, and continues to give theatrical workshops worldwide.  A website with information on the mighty steps he took towards this continuous journey of bringing entertainment and laughter to audiences worldwide can be viewed at


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